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Planning and Production

ALAYA integrates translation and creativity to deliver high quality documents in a variety of languages.

Our deep understanding of your target audiences' language and culture means ALAYA delivers services with high added value.

Print Design and Production

From planning and design to copywriting and printing, ALAYA is capable to help you create highly polished pamphlets, brochures and other printed materials that will be relevant to each language. Translation-only services are also available.

Website Design

In pursuit of improving global communication, ALAYA has focused its strengths on website design. Whether you want to provide information in multiple languages or create a design with global appeal, ALAYA has a system in place to meet your needs.

Video and DVD Production

Covering every purpose from product promotion to employee training or instruction manuals, ALAYA is capable in planning and production of video/DVD. For a high quality simple production, contact ALAYA to manage everything from multi-lingual narration and translation of subtitles to finding foreign actors and providing narrators.